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Sensex at 1,00,000 by 2020

  Lunch time at office is very entertaining, stress relieving & learning experience. Entertaining because one learns about all the grapevine, stress relieving because it allows you to crib and let some steam out & learning experience because it allows … Continue reading

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Coke & Santa Claus: An interesting relationship

 If you aspire to be a celebrity in Bollywood then one thing is very important, you need to be good-looking, young & fit (like the different belts in Karate, fitness for men is measured in packs, with six-packs as the highest … Continue reading

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Scientist vs Expert: Cultivate the scientist in you, send the Expert for a sabbatical.

  Marc Goedhart, Rishi Raj & Abhishek Saxena, all three eminent consultants at Mckinsey had a very surprising finding to report in Spring 2010. Stock market analyst are followed by millions of investors for advice. They literally hold the Boards of … Continue reading

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